ReadyDocx Rapid Warrants

ReadyDocx takes only 2 to 3 minutes from the decision to start a warrant to the beginning of typing the statement. ReadyDocx gets your detectives their afternoons back.

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Manual approach
adopted in the 1990s

Financially, a manual warrant process originating in the 1990s costs over three-quarters of a million dollars annually per 100 officers, even before the time spent writing the statements themselves.

Detective Experience.

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We are offering a 45-day free trial.

By day 10, both individual police departments and county prosecutor’s office detectives will be fully familiar and productive with ReadyDocx.

  • Quick setup and use
  • Cost-effective
  • 45-day free trial

Wellness for Warriors

Wellness for Warriors

First responders and veterans face significant challenges: over 130,000 suicides since 2000, 70% haunted by traumatic memories, and 80% afraid to seek help due to stigma.

Our Solution: Guide

Guide promotes wellness through daily practice, micro-learning courses, and a supportive community.

  • Wellness Videos: Quick, effective practices anytime.
  • Small Group Interactions: Anonymous, genuine connections.
  • Culture of Authenticity: Supportive environment for growth.

Proven Results

Pre-clinical trials show significant improvements:

  • 15% increase in motivation.
  • 28% better understanding of goals.
  • 11% increase in joyfulness and support for others.

Guide helps improve well-being and address suicide risk factors.

Strengthening the Approach

  • Stigma Reduction: Mandatory training to present mental health as a strength.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Ensure app accessibility during work hours and across devices.

Join Us

Join our community to be part of a supportive network dedicated to your well-being. Let’s create lasting change together.

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